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Are you drowning in the trappings of success, but don't feel successful or fulfilled?

Most people know me as a Serial Entrepreneur, a Content Creator, a Lifestyle Model and a Certified Specialist of Spirits.


What most people don't know is that for years I let the label of failure define me and take up residence in my soul.


In winter 1999, 5 months before my student visa expired, I was waiting for the results of my architecture thesis.


I am the oldest of my siblings and the first child my parents put through college.


As an international student I didn't qualify for financial aid.


I would never forget the image of my thesis professor as she came out of the room to give me the results of the thesis jury.


With her head down, shoulders slumped and hands behind her back, she walked to me, looked up and said, Heather. You failed.


All I could ask is "how"? I did everything I was told to do. Not a single decision was made on my own.


With 5 months left on my visa, my larger dismay was how was I going to tell my parents?


The thesis jury said I would make an uncontentious architect and that I was environmentally insensitive.


As I designed to simply pass, no longer caring about what I created, I felt my love of architecture drain out of me with every drop of ink on to mylar.


My life became a series of decisions that allowed me to survive. I simply needed to find a career, because the one I wanted, I was no longer emotionally available for.


I let those words define my professional life for the following 14 years.


That experience allowed me to develop an ability that I have relied on countless times since.

My ability to Pivot.


Every pivot to survive, removed fair of failure. I started to be less concerned about failing and falling and became more focused on my ability to get up.


I knew that if I fell on my face, once I saw where I was falling, I would never fall there again.

I knew that if I fell on my back, if I could look up, I can get up.


Now, I work with women, who are looking for support to create a roadmap so they can answer the call of their soul.


Life isn't a dress rehearsal. We need to make it count.


If you're ready to take the first step into living the life you desire for yourself and you're ready to finally fulfill YOUR needs, please allow me to be part of your journey.


I can't promise that you won't fall and I can't promise you won't fail.


But I do promise that you will never fall or fail where I did, because I am here to guide you and help you build the muscles you need to support yourself.


It would be my honor if you would allow me to be part of your journey.




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